What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to take action on climate change by supporting environmental projects around the world in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Taking action on climate change

Carbon offsetting is a critical component of an organisation’s climate strategy. Offsets help to address emissions today, build internal capacity on carbon pricing and future-proof an organisation by internalising the cost of carbon. BlueHalo™ supports clients with a comprehensive, risk-managed, integrated carbon offset service that includes a premium portfolio of offsets delivering a cost-effective carbon neutrality outcome. We support businesses seeking to: 

  • make a particular product, service or project carbon neutral
  • integrate offsetting into the broader sustainability strategy
  • boost sustainability credentials with stakeholders and staff
  • engage with climate-minded customers
  • elevate the brand

Changing lives and protecting the irreplaceable

Our carbon offset projects deliver a broad range of additional social, environmental and biodiversity benefits over and above emissions reduction. Local communities benefit from increased employment and training opportunities, diversification of income, a boost in education and health services. 

Projects that protect and regenerate native forests secure vital habitat for wildlife, improve soil health and promote local sustainable agriculture practices.